Experience the Difference!

Our wind chimes have been hand cut and tuned to a range of selected musical chords, each pipe has been individually crafted to play a specific note within that chord. We then acoustically modulate, balance and harmonize our chimes to give the exceptional resonance and soft, mellow tones which are the trademark of Christie's Traditions in Timber wind chimes.

But it doesn't stop there. Whilst many people believe that the sound and tone of a wind chime comes from the tube, we understand that many different factors govern the principles of acoustics. In fact, everything we do in the creation of a wind chime has a role to play in the sound which is ultimately produced. For instance, to ensure consistency in the quality of sound, we've chosen to use only Australian Red Cedar for all our timber parts - its lower density and superior properties in outdoor conditions means that it will keep its good looks for longer whilst producing softer, cleaner tones.

Our wind chimes don't only sound different, they look different too! Each  chime features our unique, hand-done textured finish, in a range of soft and subtle colours designed to compliment and enhance their surroundings. To make things easier to remember, each of our wind chimes also has its own name and specific colour. However, if there's a chord you'd like in different colour, we're more than happy to custom-make your order.

Our wind chimes come in two different tube diameters, 32mm and 25mm. See below for our range of colours, and by clicking on the picture of any chime, you'll be able to 'test drive' its sound!

Hanging your Wind Chime:

Sometimes it can take a few tries to find just the right spot for your wind chimes. Try to choose somewhere high, where it will catch the prevailing breeze but if possible, try to hang your chimes under some cover from direct exposure to the weather. Although your wind chimes are made to withstand Australian weather conditions, some protection will ensure that they maintain their good looks for the longest possible time.

Care and Maintenance

All timber parts of our wind chimes have been base-treated with Intergrain Ultradeck to ensure the longest possible maintenance-free period. When the timber does look as though it needs some care, simply recoat using either Ultradeck or the outdoor oil of your choice to renew the finish; this will ensure that the timber can still breathe.

We also recommend that you spray inside the tubes with outdoor surface spray every few months to prevent nesting insects.


Our wind chimes are hung using marine-grade UV treated  fluorocarbon monofilament. We are proud to offer a three year warranty on all our wind chimes however, should your wind chimes require repairs at some time further in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Free delivery within Australia via Australia Post

Why not check out our other pages whilst you're on the site? We make a range of unique kitchen and homewares, all from responsibly sourced Australian-grown timbers. And, as with our wind chimes, delivery is free anywhere in Australia (unless otherwise stated), so it makes for stress-free  shopping for friends and family all around the country.


32mm diameter Large


$125.00 each

Shepherds Moon

tuned to E Major
Colour: Metallic Charcoal
Approx length 1200mm

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$125.00 each

French Wine

tuned to F Major
Colour: Matt Red with Cream Overbrush
Approx. length 1150mm

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New Wind chime coming soon 

32mm diameter Medium
   New wind chime coming soon

$110.00 each

Old Roman

Tuned to C Major
Terracotta with Cream Overbrush
Approx length

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$110.00 each

Stormy Weather

tuned to C Minor

Colour: Storm Blue
Approx length 1000mm

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25 mm diameter


$89.00 each


Tuned to C Major

Pacific Blue to Sea Green

Approx. length 580mm

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$85.00 each

Coral Reef

Tuned to A Major

Two-Tone Blue/White

Approx length 630mm

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$89.00 each


Tuned to B minor

Black with Green Fleck

Approx length 600mm

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$89.00 each

Forest Walk

tuned to C Minor

colour: black / green ombre

approx length 930mm

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$89.00 each

Opal Moon

tuned to G Minor

colour: Purple / Blue

approx length 1000mm

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$89.00 each

Spanish Main

tuned to D Minor

colour: Copper Verdigris

approx length: 900mm

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