Solid Slab Chopping Boards & Carving Boards

We are proud to offer a range of single slab kitchen boards made from the wood of the mango tree. We offer a variety of sizes, however we're happy to make to your specific size. And,as always, trade and catering enquiries are welcome.


 Mango is a medium density hardwood (approx. 740kg per m3) which displays a stunning variety of colours and patterns. Like all hardwood timbers, it contains a natural level of antibacterial properties. As a medium density timber, it won’t take blunt your knives as quickly as some denser timbers, yet neither will it mark as much as softer timbers. Its arresting grain patterns and irregularities help disguise the majority of knife marks, maintaining its good looks and making it a distinctive yet practical addition to your kitchen   for years to come.

Every board has been individually selected from responsibly sourced timber, cut and crafted to show off the natural beauty of the wood, making each board unique. We make it our business to know where every piece of our timber has come from, so we’re able to trace each board from tree to finished product. We also mill our own timber, ensuring that we control every part of the process and guaranteeing that your board is of the highest quality, every time. And because all our chopping and serving boards are made from single slabs rather than joined pieces, we can guarantee that, with just a little regular maintenance, your board won’t fall apart in years to come!

Care & Maintenance:

  • To clean, simply wipe over with a damp cloth and mild detergent, and leave to air dry naturally.
  • Never immerse your board in water.
  • Brush or rub your board regularly with vegetable oil (whatever oil you cook with will be fine) -this will ‘moisturise’ the timber, preserving the finish and preventing it from cracking or warping. The frequency of oiling your board will depend on use and positioning – simply do it whenever your board looks a little ‘tired’ or dry.

But its ok if you forget, every board comes with its own personal little Care Card.

Choosing Your Board:

We’ve picked our most popular shapes and sizes for quick and easy ‘off the rack’ purchase, or utilise our Custom-Made service to suit your exact requirements, up to 500mm wide. Whether its one board, or 50, simply contact us to let us know exactly what you're after - either way your board will be truly unique! And because all of our boards are individually hand-crafted, there’s no special ‘custom surcharge’ often associated with bespoke pieces.


How To Order:  N.B. Free shipping within Australia

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 Rectangular Boards:

$49.00 each

Mango Chopping Board

35 x 25 x 2.5cm

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$59.00 each

Mango Wood Chopping Board

42 x 31 x 2.7cm

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$79.00 each

Mango Wood chopping board

50 x 35 x 3cm

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 Round Boards:

$75.00 each

Mango wood chopping board

Diameter 35cm X 5cm thick

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$90.00 each

Mango Wood Chopping Board

Diameter 42cm x 5cm thick

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$75.00 each

Mango Wood Chopping Board

Diameter 42cm x 3cm thick

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 Carving Boards:

Solid slab mango wood carving boards featuring food-grade stainless steel spikes to hold your roast in place, with channel and pit for pan juices.

Carving boards are used differently to chopping boards; they need to hold pan juices safely whilst in use, but also then spend much of their life in a cupboard or drawer. For that reason, our carving boards have been treated with Howard’s Butchers’ Block Conditioner, a food-safe blend of high grade mineral oil and beeswax which provides moisture repellent protection to suit these requirements. We recommend regular maintenance with Howard's Butchers’ Block Conditioner or mineral oil to maintain your board in optimal condition.

$90.00 each

Mango Wood Carving Board

44 x 32 x 2.7cm

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$100.00 each

Large Mango Wood Carving Board

50 x 44 x 2.7cm

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