32mm diameter Large


$125.00 each

Shepherds Moon

tuned to E Major
Colour: Metallic Charcoal
Approx length 1200mm

$125.00 each

French Wine

tuned to F Major
Colour: Matt Red with Cream Overbrush
Approx. length 1150mm


New Wind chime coming soon 

 Medium 32mm - $110    New wind chime coming soon

$110.00 each

Old Roman

Tuned to C Major
Terracotta with Cream Overbrush
Approx length

$110.00 each

Stormy Weather

tuned to C Minor

Colour: Storm Blue
Approx length 1000mm




25 mm - $85


$89.00 each


Tuned to C Major

Pacific Blue to Sea Green

Approx. length 580mm

$85.00 each

Coral Reef

Tuned to A Major

Two-Tone Blue/White

Approx length 630mm

$89.00 each


Tuned to B minor

Black with Green Fleck

Approx length 600mm


$89.00 each

Forest Walk

tuned to C Minor

colour: black / green ombre

approx length 930mm

$89.00 each

Opal Moon

tuned to G Minor

colour: Purple / Blue

approx length 1000mm


$89.00 each

Spanish Main

tuned to D Minor

colour: Copper Verdigris

approx length: 900mm